Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Back In The Saddle

Two weeks ago I ended my blog by saying, "I guess maybe I just need to talk to my Dad," to be reminded of how temporary life's tough stuff really is. I did just that after work last Wednesday, then I went into labor 12 hours later. 

World, meet Caroline Jean

The days have flown by since becoming a mother on July 1 and the nights seem to last approximately 45 minutes. Cody has really pulled through on Dad duty and helped in any way he possibly can. Two shining examples:  

Repeating "This is temporary, remember, this is so temporary......." endlessly during 25.5 hours of labor. By the time Caroline arrived I was really regretting that last blog entry. 

Offering these words of encouragement while standing in the nursery door the night we brought her home: "If you can teach a dumb Hereford calf to suck, I'm certain you two can figure this out."

Ah, the life of a Stockman's Wife

We're adjusting more every day to a family of three and frankly trying to figure one another out. We've learned just how much time a baby can tack onto your travel. We came home on the 4th of July and wanted to see fireworks as a family. So we packed up and made the 45-minute drive to town (we live just four miles north, but for some reason the vehicle maxed out at 33 mph?), parked in the Farm Credit parking lot to avoid the public and watched the patriotic display. Well, Cody did. Caroline and I slept in the backseat the entire time. Motherhood changes things. 

But not my commitment to this blog. I'm back in the saddle after a week away and ready to acquire a new normalcy in terms of a schedule. Because 11:00, 1:00, 3:00 and 5:00 am feedings don't last forever, right?

Everybody say it with me: This is so temporary

No really. She woke up right after this was taken and didn't sleep for (what seemed like) 4 days. 


  1. It is definitely so temporary! Take lots of photos, and don't forget to take a video or two also. Each day seems very long but it will all be a blur in a year, so be sure to capture those moments. Congratulations....she is absolutely beautiful!

  2. She is so beautiful! Congratulations! And yes, it is ALL just temporary and will FLY by! Enjoy!