Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Favorite

I can honestly say I’ve never thought the three of us siblings ever competed for the "favorite child" title. 

Laura was the ground breaking blue-eyed-blonde that stole both Mom and Dad’s hearts prematurely at just 4 lbs. and 14 oz.. She lead Luke and I into the right pew for VBS, taught Luke how to get to the elementary cafeteria and taught me how to do a cartwheel on the duck-tape balance beam in our bedroom (sorry for ruining the carpet, Mom - Laura actually laid the tape, I just stood at the top of the landing, and kept watch). 

Laura Elaine - 1984

Luke was a wild little toe-head that made everyone laugh with his courage and “out of the box” thinking; he also had a fetish with head-butting our goats when he was a small child - stay tuned for more on that: possible future blog. He has always been the visionary.

Aaron Lucas - 1983

I was the third child that looked just like the other two, but wouldn’t hold anyone’s hand and didn’t look back when I tried to run away. My legs just got tired and I was kind of hungry for Mom's grilled cheese, so I was forced to turn around and go home. 
Lindsay Jean 
(with sidekick Luke, whom I have 0 pictures without 
from 1984-1991. 
Go ahead and read "Third vs. First")

I can recall once, just once, in my life when I knew I was the favorite 
(clarification: Favorite of Dad’s, Least favorite of Mom’s).
I was about 4 years old when my Dad tore his ACL during a backyard adventure with a couple of our neighbors. I don’t really know how it happened, but for some reason I always thought it was during a kickball game. If you’re reading this and know my father, you know my distant memory is probably a very skewed one; the only “ball” he participated in was taking us to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers play annually at Three Rivers Stadium. This was kind of a big deal for Dad to get hurt. I’d never seen him take a tylenol, let alone go to the hospital
None the less, he was there - and goodness, was he miserable. Dad learned to watch TV during those couple days of recovery time.  Of course, Mom loaded Laura, Luke and I into the Grand Marquis to go see him everyday after school. The smile on his face was sheer joy when us three toeheads showed up - we brought the party with us! 
Note Laura's New Kids On The Block t-shirt

The first night of Dad’s brief stay, Mom asked him as we left if she could bring anything from home the next day. There wasn’t anything Dad needed, but he did jokingly mention they didn’t serve his favorite in the hospital: Budweiser.


They next day, when Laura and Luke got off the bus Mom loaded the three of us back in the car to go see Dad. Although, this trip, I was prepared

Before we left the house, I got my (favorite) hard plastic Popples lunchbox and put 2 cans of Dad’s favorite beer inside. 

When we arrived to Dad's hospital room I marched right up, proud as a four-year-old-blonde-hair-green-eyed peacock, and presented to Dad my lunchbox. He opened it - and there it was: The loudest laugh I’d ever heard come from his body. 

He was happy! 
He was grateful! 
He was impressed at my listening skills!
Mom, on the other hand, was not. 
I don’t really remember the words that were exchanged in the minutes that followed. Mom was embarrassed and before I knew it, we were strapped back into the car and heading back to the Fork
I also learned three things while I walked out of the hospital that afternoon in 1989:

1. From a young age, I've lived by the lyrics of my favorite song: 
"Just to see you smile, I'd do anything"
2. I was Dad’s new favorite. 
3. I was Mom’s least favorite. 
Even at four years old, you have to pick your battles, right?


  1. We can't all be the chosen one! I can see my four year old doing the same thing you did. But here is the question, did you put it on ice????

  2. AWESOME STORY! I can remeber when I was very pregant with the middle one, I was in Wal-mart with my 3 1/2 year old and we had a cart full of groceries at the front of the store (the beer is at the back) and I off handly said out loud to myself "Oh crap I forgot your Dad's beer, oh well I am too tired to go back" and she starts crying and screaming "BUT Mom Daddy needs his beer, please go back and get it"! Always fun times!

  3. I was laughing and nodding my head through this whole post! Love it!