Thursday, July 7, 2011

And the Cup Continues to Run Over...

Some time ago I mentioned in a blog the kind of unique responses I've received when simply asking folks, "What brought you here?";  It was then that I was able to learn about a life path, a route, a history. 
Recently I presented a new question to several people to and had no idea the response I'd get. 
Turns out, people like to share. And for that I'm thankful.
Today I continue (see yesterday's post for more!) to share with you the incredible responses received when I asked people this question: 
In this life, what is something you truly know?

I know that if your barn doesn't have a basketball goal attached to it, you're not American.
I know when a child is born - so is a Mother.
I know there is nothing better than a good drink - a few marshmallows from the showbox - and a barn full of hogs to listen to your troubles.
I know there is  no greater blessing than being married to a good man.
I know you don’t know your own strength until you are tested.
I know that the drink 'skip and go naked' mixed with moonshine makes for a damn good night but a rough morning.
I know it’s alright to cry at commercials.
I know that there are few things more gratifying than a freshly mowed yard. 
I know there is no sweeter sound then the laugh of a child.
I know you can be lonely even in a room full of people.
I know when in an argument, it’s always best to take the high road.
I know to never trust ANYONE when they tell you the electric fence is shut off. Always check for yourself.
I know it’s best to kill your enemies with kindness, not weapons or words.
I know some of your best memories will come from ordinary days.
I know presentation is important when serving food.
I know that my cows distinctively know when I go on vacation. It’s then that they make their great escape. 
I know it’s never a good idea to leave the house in your pajamas.
I truly know that people generally mean well.
I know that swinging in the sunshine may just be a little slice of heaven....but only until your butt goes numb.
I know it’s never smart to turn down a breath mint.
I know that Shorthorns consistently marble better than Angus, but supply and marketing is something to compete with. 
I know it’s important to hydrate all day before drinking all night.
I know if you ask a question, it’s important to listen to the answer.
I know that you’ll never come back from Copperhead Road. Steve Earl said so. 
I know that knowledge is power.
I know that there is something about sitting on a showbox that makes you fall in love. 
I know that nothing matches the bond between sisters.
I know that if you can’t take a piss in your own back yard, your neighbors live too close.
I know that I am saying the same things to my daughter that my momma said to me.
I know that God made dirt and dirt don't hurt.
I know I can run faster scared than the other guy can run pissed off.
I know that you should never agree to go out with your friends and say, “Ok, but just for one...”
I know I will always regret it if I do not proof read.
I know that I will never trust a man wearing skinny jeans. 
I know there are no “for sures” in this world, so thank God when things go well and pray for guidance when they don't.
I know  fat rolls on baby's legs are adorable, but rolls on mom's legs . . . not so hot.
I know I have yet to find a good way to cook a brussel sprout.
I know you have to be from a dirt road to appreciate one.
I know that you never “catch up” on sleep.
I know that there is nothing like your own back yard. 
I know that regardless of how much I try to be someone else, my true self has always overshadowed that facade.
I know that the music of the 80's was much better than what we're listening to now.
I know that I never get tired of hearing these 3 words, I Love You, Job well done, and I admire you.
I know you can never get to the beach fast enough.
I know for certain that "sorry" doesn't always make it go away.  Sometimes it takes a little more than "I'm sorry" to heal the damage of hurtful words.
I know, simply put, that prayer works. 
I know that a man who can make a woman laugh has a major advantage over those who can’t. 
I know that there are few things more comforting than the sweetness and love of a mother.

I know that eating all of the chocolate chip cookie dough out of the ice cream container is clearly wrong and unfair for the next person, but oh so good and right for me.
I know that God is my Savior and His unconditional love for me is completely undeserved, but completely perfect.  
I know that if you’re older than 22 and have a bar stamp on your hand come Monday, you need to get a life. 
I know that the small town, country life will always be more adventurous and satisfying than any city in this world.
I know you can't really curl up with a good Kindle.
I know that I married the man that God intended me to marry. 
I know that regrets make me who I am, but will never define me.
I know that I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.
I know that attitude determines altitude. 
I know that friends come and go - but family, they’re forever.
I know that I will regret the things I haven’t done, more than those I have. 
I know that people that can't operate a cell phone should not use the self-checkout at the grocery store.
I know that you should always take up the opportunity to listen to a story told by an old person.
I know that it is a waste of time to argue with my wife because she’s always going to win the argument anyway, although it would be nice if she let me at least think that I won once in awhile. 
I know that people make mistakes. And they learn, too. 
If you see smoke coming out from a door, you know there is a fire. So don’t open the door.
I know that awesome big sisters turn out to make really incredible mothers. 

I know that going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in

a garage makes you a car.
I know that it’s better to have too much than not enough.
I know spending time with my grandpa and listening to stories about the past is priceless.
I know that athleticism fades and the high school nerds make better husbands than the jocks. 
I know that no matter how much low-fat ranch or diet coke I consume, my thighs will always touch. Always.  
I know there is nothing more beautiful than the Nebraska Sandhills in spring.
I also know that time spent in a the barn is good for the soul.
I know that clean sheets bring better sleep.
I know that the bull has to spend time with his girlfriends in the field if you want baby calves. 
I know there are two things you never skimp on: shoes and mattresses.
I know that every family has “that” family member. 
I know, for a fact, that good chips and salsa will fix the most terrible of days.
I know that its possible to make a dozen hamburgers out of one pound of meat....(thanks to grandma).
I know that if you are complaining about a situation, chances are you are not willing to be part of the solution. 
I know that in the world of livestock showmanship, forgetting to shut the gate in Senior showmanship your last time out of the pen will NOT get you 1st place.
I know that there are few things that freak me out more than seeing Tim McGraw or Kenny Chesney with out a hat on.
I know that I still hold a grudge against the kid on the playground who told me about Santa.
I know your children will continue to amaze you no matter how old they are.
Come sit a spell with Jean's Boots tomorrow, because I know that the best is yet to come...

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  1. These are my favorite posts EVER! I feel like I can conquer the world with unending wisdom and wit after reading all of these 'I know' statements :)