Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Cup Runneth Over. Big Time.

Some time ago I stood in the the driveway of the north farm as the sun set across the Greens Fork River; while leaning on our Fords swatting deer flies, my brother and I had a conversation that struck a chord in me. I went home that night and thought about that conversation. I drove to work the next day thinking about it. Two days later as I watered my ferns (for the first time in a week) I thought again about the question that was presented. 
While sitting on my front porch three days later, I realized that I had to share my quest with others. 
Through countless emails, very random Facebook messages, late night texts and memorable conversations, I have compiled what you’re about to read. It was the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever written in my entire life - because with each line I typed, I learned from the life lessons of others. 

The list below comes from noted photographers, consultants, stay-at-home mothers, livestock geneticists, grandparents, successful ranchers, large and small business owners, authors, widows, radio personalities, teachers, artists, farmers, engineers, landscapers, scholars, elementary school children, nursing home administrators, comedians, neighbors, fathers,  politicians, Australians, Russians, Canadians and some really incredible Americans. 
To those of you who helped me with this: I thank you. You’ve changed my life. 
For those who still have much to pass on, you can do so by leaving a comment. Believe me, this is not the last place you’ll read these life lessons. 

Note: This entry will span days. Why, you ask? Because the response was so great, I want to spread the wealth. 

In this life, what is something you truly know?
I know that a cold beer always tastes better on a boat.
I know that I would love to travel back in time and kill the women who made shaving our legs something that makes us attractive.
I know that getting older  is getting better.
I know if you purchase a lawn mower with a cup holder, you won't be the one who actually cuts the grass.
I know that there is a type of overwhelming powerful love that you never knew existed until you have your first child - biological or not.
I know that there is God.
I know no matter what happens in my life, my family will support me. 
I know for certain is that it takes a fat hog to weigh a ton.
I know that at 48 years old I know NOTHING for sure. 

I know that I’d pull Granddad’s boots out of a burning house before I gave anything else a second glance.
I know that whether you’re aware or not, everyone is fighting some kind of battle. 
I know that hearing one of your favorite songs on the radio is a million times more gratifying than playing it on a CD.
I know that wearing a handkerchief in your back pocket is a trend that my grandfather started.
I know that everyday the sun will come up and the sun will set. The moon and the stars will come out.  And whenever I see a rainbow in the sky it reminds me that never again will there be any problem too big for God to handle.
I know that homemade brownies (no nuts) are never large enough.
I know to value the time with the ones we love.
I know that red tractors are better than green.
I know that time heals all "wombs".
I know that no matter how many times I empty the sink there will always be another dirty dish the next time I pass by the kitchen.

I know that you can never run out of options and new adventures.
I know that even tough guys eat jello and pudding. 
I know that a hug shouldn’t last longer than two seconds...MAX. 
I know there's never enough time in the day and vacations are never long enough.
I know not to sweat the small stuff.
I know that passionate people make the difference. 
I know that a killer hangover is always worth all of the fun that I had with a good group of friends the night before.
I know that a mullet looked much better on a 20 year old in 1987 than on a 50 year old in 2011.


I know  the line right next to the one you're standing in at the supermarket, theme park or bank always goes faster
I know in the morning rush to get to work (or anywhere), the later you are running, the more red stoplights and traffic you will hit.
I know that I agree with Dr. Phil when he says that in a conversation when you say the word “but” everything prior to that word is erased. “You are really a nice girl and I like you, but............”
I know farming is fun. And cool.

I know that one of the best things for this girl's soul is a good drive on the country roads, windows down, music up and singing at the top of my lungs.
I know that no matter how much mom might drive me crazy, I am slowly turning into her day by day... and that's not a bad thing at all.  
I know that a good cup of hazelnut coffee and a piece of pumpkin pie (no matter what time of year) can cure most bad days. 
I know for a fact that I have to pay taxes. Or else. 
I know that nothing good ever comes from anger.
I know that there is nothing wrong with being a Daddy’s Girl - even as an adult
I know that the best conversations happen either in the kitchen or on the porch-- so when I own a house one day, I want those to be the biggest parts of the house.
I know that I will always find a coupon in my wallet 3 days after it has expired. 

I know that I'm thankful you're reading this blog; you're supporting my passion. 

Stay tuned, for there is more to come...


  1. I know that I love reading Jean's Boots:)

  2. Very true and very good....

  3. I know that regardless how pointless and random stories told by grandparents can seem, someday you'll reflect back on it and cherish it as your own heritage.

  4. Thanks Lindsey! I always enjoy what you write.