Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Misfits

I have a special place in my heart for certain things in this world. 
Any Grandparent.
Smiley face iced sugar cookies from Joy-Ann’s bakery.
Aged black and white photos. 
Old farmhouses that need a lot of work to bring them back to life. 
Misfit toys. 
Growing up, who didn’t love watching Rudolph as he traveled through the Island of Misfit Toys? His journey was a part of childhood. It’s a piece of American history. 

Knowing my love for things that 1) no one wants 2) have a history 3) are free, my neighbor gave me a box of misfit ornaments after the holidays last year. I was elated! I couldn’t wait to get home and open up the big box of little treasures. 

Can I just say, they are the ugliest treasures I have ever seen in my life. 
But - they each have a story. 
A personality. 
A history. 
And some stupid reason why I can’t throw them away. 
Throughout the month of December I’ll be sharing these one-of-a-kind little gems with you...

I was a baby floozy ornament before baby floozy ornaments were cool. My hair, which I’m quite proud to say many folks have told me resembles Tanya Tucker’s, has not moved for 37 years. 
And I can thank Aqua-Net for that. 

We’re wearing fancy dresses and velvet. 
We don’t belong on the misfit ornament tree. 
In the middle of a tiny town. In the middle of a fly-over state. 
We belong on

I’m a happy flying pig holding a wreath. 
What could be more joyous than that??! 
Oh yeah - bacon... 

I’ve been told I’m creepy, so I always get moved to the back of the tree. What is creepy about a happy clown misfit ornament with no arms and giant hands? 
Somebody please riddle me that. 
I try not to be bitter during the holidays, but I am TICKED. I’m a stuffed bird made to look just like a real bird. You know. Like the ones I watch fly past the window everyday. I get pulled out of this box once a year to perch on a fake tree with my fake legs and I’m tied on with wire. How am I supposed to use my fake wings when I’m wired down? 
This caged bird don’t sing. 
I do appreciate being placed by the fake pine cone, though. 

Stay tuned for more misfit ornaments showcased this Christmas season...
and don’t forget about those Angel Trees!

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  1. HA!! Oh, I'm sure if they could talk they'd be saying exactly as you have them captioned.