Wednesday, January 29, 2014

PS Prayers

Every single day. 
Before either leaves the house. 
Me and him
.....And Him. 
Heads bowed. 
Hands held. 
We give thanks. 
And ask for a bit, too. 

And almost - almost - everyday I think of something that we forgot. 
And it pops into my mind the same way a 10:00 conference call does at 10:04 on a Monday: 
I remember something that we should have never forgotten. 

Most mornings at the homestead end in some variation of this dialog:
"In Jesus' name we pray, Amen," Cody concludes.
"And also, Lord we thank you for Marlee and Harrison and Oscar," I jump in. 
"Yes, definitely.......Amen."
"And thank you for keeping them healthy during flu season.
...And our Grandmas, too. 
...And our parents. 
...And, I guess us, too. 
It's just been a really bad season for the flu..."
"Anything else, Linds....?" Cody says with a smile, peeking at me with one eye open. 
"Nope, I think we covered it."

Yep, just like that I turn into the seven-year-old at the dinner table.

PS Prayers: That's what we've come to call these brief, "Oh no! I forgot!" moments. 
They're usually an afterthought, but a big, important thought.  
How could I forget?
PS Prayers are sometimes a person or thing that doesn't consume our mind while we carry through our days, carelessly letting worry fog our priorities. 

But sometimes, isn't it the subject of the PS Prayers
- the ones who quietly, patiently wait for us to remember them -
that we need the most?

I think about all the things that fill the space in my head throughout my day. 
The deadlines. 
The events. 
The expectations.
The bills.
The appointments. 
The to-do lists. 
The registration. 
The organization. 
The dinner. What is for dinner?

And then I think about the things that matter
Our health. 
Our country at war within itself.
Our Grandmothers who are still with us.  
Our warm homestead and piece of ground.
Jobs we enjoy. 

It's strange how the most important things in life aren't given as much thought as the less relevant, yet pressing, matters. 
And by strange, I mean disappointing. 

Fact: We will always have time for the things we put first. 

What are the PS Prayers in your life?
The friend that you know you need to call? 
The check that arrived right in time?
The spouse that needs your attention?
The close call in yesterday's traffic?
The fuel oil guy who delivered when you needed it most?
The professor who understands your passion?
The pup who is always happy to see you?
I believe the best PS Prayers are the ones that don't knock down our door, but rather the ones that sit silently in the background waiting to be remembered. 

Whether or not you pray, I encourage you to take time to remember the things or people in your life that you would put at the top of your priority list. Are you giving thanks for them or even to them?
Do they receive the attention and gratitude they deserve?
They aren't just an after thought, are they?

"In Jesus' name we pray, Amen," Cody concludes.
"And also, Lord we thank you for a warm house in this polar vortex" I jump in. 
"Yes, definitely.......Amen."
"And thank you for the polar vortex as it makes us appreciate the warmer months.
...and for the blanket that fit perfectly over our front door to block the draft in those 30 mph winds. 
...And for keeping our cattle safe in the polar vortex. 
...And our Grandmothers, too."
"Anything else, Linds....?" Cody says with a smile, peeking at me with one eye open. 
"Nope, I think we covered it."

Oh, PS: Thanks for reading this blog.


  1. It's been a while since I've been here.....who's Oscar?

    1. Kathie - Luke and Betsy had baby Oscar in October! My second special nephew :)

  2. I barely know you through the realm of agriculture, but I love your blog. More specifically, I love this blog post. It gives me hope for the future, that there are fantastic men out there that will sit and pray with you daily. I God centered relationship is what I hope to find one day. Thanks for the great read!

    1. Thank you - so much! I appreciate that you read the blog. And yes - God provides those men just in time. In perfect time.

  3. Wonderful blog entry!! I do the same thing at our dinner time prayer! Love that you guys pray together before you leave, I think that is something my husband, two daughters and I need to start!

  4. Thank you! Our days just aren't the same if we don't take the time to do that in the morning. In fact, Cody once showed up to my work because we had forgotten to pray before I left! We did so in the parking lot. He is a good man.