Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Montana Sunrise

After leaving Worland on Sunday morning, we traveled north and finally made it out of Wyoming around 5:00PM. We found Red Lodge, MT which a friend of mine had called, "nothing more than a mountain town" - quite the contrary. This little town had much to offer; boutiques, galleries bars and cafes, I'm convinced we could have stayed there for days. 

Locals of Red Lodge, MT

Commercialized sites were never an intention of this trip (perhaps one day I'll go back), so we asked a store owner what hidden gem we could find that evening as the sun was slowly setting across the land. She suggested we travel to Roscoe, MT and have dinner at The Grizzly Bear. We took that advice and drove 19 miles out of Red Lodge on one of the most beautiful paths I've ever traveled. We navigated the hills as the sun set, where cattle grazed and you could see the dust flying miles away, as ranchers tore down the gravel roads so familiar to them.

The Grizzly Bear was a hidden gem, truly. While the steaks were outstanding, the food barely compared to the locals we met. I'll tell you more about them later. The best part of this trip has been the characters we've encountered along the way - in general stores, saloons, steakhouses and literally along the side of the road. That will be blog in it's self; and one certainly worth reading. 

The next day we woke at 6:00AM, threw on our boots and jackets and headed for the path that we had traveled the previous night for dinner; I wanted to capture it in the right light. It was rolling and glorious, nestled in the foothills of the mountains. The only change that I could fathom to improve the landscape was to remove the modernization: power lines and new homes with a view. Keep the remnants of run down ranch houses worn from years of harsh winters; protect the barns with little life left - for they belong here. They tell the story of the land. 

We got up early enough that we were able to watch the moon set behind the mountains before watching the sun rise against the foothills. 

The setting moon

Also early enough that we had to actually wait on the sun to show up over the peaks....

When the sun hit the horizon, it seemed as though it was going to catch the dry land on fire. Everything was illuminated and the hills seemed to come alive again.

This early morning venture was the best way I've started a Monday in some time. Until the next time I travel west and wake in the mountains, I suppose I can settle for oversleeping and really bad hair days. 

Tune in tomorrow for more about two girls' adventure in the Wild West...

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  1. WOW! I love your pictures.
    They take me away from here, I'd am so envious of you travels.