Thursday, September 15, 2011

Two Girls, Ten White Knuckles and One Big Hill

After our Montana Sunset Experience, we had breakfast with the locals (which became one of the staples of this trip) and headed to the mountains. We got ahold of one of our mutual friends that grew up in Montana; her "must do" advice: drive through Beartooth Pass. 

We fueled up Sally the Sportage who, was not only a hideous blue color, she also seemed to run off of a go-cart engine. Scary when you're traveling rugged terrain. One of the many pieces of this trip that kept us alive while also making us fear for our safety. 

This is a photo story of two girls, ten white knuckles and one big hill. 

On the road again....

Entering Beartooth Pass. Thank goodness for self timers and hoods of cars. 
Bears take shoddy photos. 

We traveled the pass with this vintage crew. 
That car was more dependable than our rental.

I couldn't get over the different types of vegetation at such a high elevation. 

Frontier Gypsies

We made it to the first look out point and Katie found (or did they find her?) a die-hard Republican couple ready to talk politics. Whether Katie wanted to or not!

The higher we climbed, the more we thought we were in Scotland. 

And when I said Scotland, I meant Arizona. 

Amazing. I just wanted to go swimming! But it was a tad bit chilly. 

Thanks, Sally, for getting us to the top and back down safely. 
Sincerely, Ye of Little Faith
(who said several prayers along the trek)


We didn't see any of the advertised cows. But we did see a mountain goat. He reminded me of the last Green Peace guy that tried to get me to sign a petition: overweight, shaggy blonde and noticeably scared of me. 

Once we excited the pass, there was a little slice of heaven found. 
Of course, they were closed.....going on 27 years now....

Stay tuned for more. As we wrap up this week I'll highlight the characters that made our Wild West Adventure all that we hoped it would be. 


  1. Thank you for sharing your trip with us! You take such wonderful pictures!!!

  2. Write a book! And use your own photos! Amazing!

  3. Look forward to the rest of the story