Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Thanksgiving in May

Have you ever experienced hours, days or weeks that truly make you think? 
Count blessings. 
Slow down. 
Wonder why?
Appreciate a sunset. 
Watch a sunrise.
Give thanks.

I'm the kind of gal who craves time alone and reflection every once in a while. So I slowed down, put on a pair of old jeans and spent 30 minutes Monday evening - and 30 minutes Tuesday evening - capturing these photos. 
I needed it. 
I needed to see life and new beginnings and hope and beauty in creation. 

This Wednesday morning, enjoy a Spring sunset around Bowman Superior Genetics

And if you're reading this, don't forget to give thanks for the opportunity! 

 One of my favorite cows on the farm. WHR Dace D 3904 was a show heifer for Luke years ago. No longer at the end of a leather halter or traveling North America, she has certainly earned her keep amongst the rolling hills just south of Greens Fork, Indiana. 

It will be knee-high before we know it.

A good mother protecting her baby.

Such a special place.

Linda: The hardest working woman I know. 
And always telling a story you don't want to miss....

I get many questions about what our family does in this fly-over state. 
I welcome those interested to come take a tour. This photo is a great example of genetic selection: a recip cow (surrogate mother) raising a calf that was an embryo transplant. 
The real mother of the calf is a former All-American named Monica.

This is one of our purebred Angus cows, raising a half-blood calf by 
Saskvalley Task Force 105T (see more here!) - a Shorthorn bull.  
Bowman Superior Genetics. 

No two alike -  
There have been 137 of these thus far in 2012. 
How many have you taken the time to  appreciate?

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